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carbon fiber plenum for 360

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  • carbon fiber plenum for 360

    I was talking with Clint from Vetterman exhaust. He has developed a carbon fiber plenum for the parallel valve 360's. He is in the prototype stage. He asked me to mention it here so that if anyone is interested in trying it out to see how it works - he might cooperate. Not sure how much $$ he wants. The pics looked good. And knowing Clint - he is very sharp and would not turn something loose if it wasn't more or less proven.

    I have always been very luke warm about plenums. Mostly because they add weight and make it hard to access the top plugs and the top of the engine. But being carbon fiber the weight is minimal. And no aluminum baffling weight. Clint says 2-5 minutes to take it off to access top of engine. So my worries appear to have been dealt with in this design. He said most of the work will be to make the connection from the inlets on the nose bowl to the plenum.

    If you are interested - call Clint at Vetterman exhaust. Mark