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    Well, I tried to find the structural tape and while I did find some variants of it for car interior trim, I was unable to find the product that Whee is referring to. I have no doubt that would be the best way to go though. The tapes I found were packaged expensively in very small quantities and had a foam core. I wasn’t sure if the foam would be strong enough. Also it’s temperature limited to 80 degrees C which seemed like a risk with a dark wing colour. I ended up using 5200 because it has enough body to bridge any gaps and sticks to anything. I’m confident it will work, but I have a system in place to prevent too much mess and I don’t mind waiting for the cure as I do other things.

    Whee, if you could pass along a catalogue number for that tape, I’ll bet just about every home builder could find a use for it somewhere!


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      3M VHB tape is one product that Whee is talking about is . A plethora of choices are available...several thickness choices
      , etc.
      Brooks Cone
      Southeast Michigan
      Patrol #303, Kit build