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Rear spar cap strips modification

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  • Rear spar cap strips modification

    Dear all. Is there an approved alternative to construct the 4 place BH rear spars without making use of the 166 inch cap strips?

    I find it very difficult to obtain these strips localy and to import it from the USA is going to cost me in excess of $160 each! (8 needed)

    Help please

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    The only person I know who approves alternatives is Bob Barrows. I bet he will have a very good alternative for you. For example, I think if one were to replace one cap strips with two that are 1/2 the thickness, it will yield a higher strength. That material may be easier to source for you.
    Brooks Cone
    Southeast Michigan
    Patrol #303, Kit build


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      I discussed this plan with Bob Barrows and he gave me the go ahead on this splice. I used 2024T3 0.125 to make the capstrips. Bop said mine will be stronger than the 6061


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        Thanks guys. Thanks Gerhard. Will study you proposal. Looks good.


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          I suggest doubler cap strips where the splice is. Front & back. With 5 or 6 rivets on either side of the splice. Mark