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Bearhawk Videos - Landings and Takeoffs

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  • Bearhawk Videos - Landings and Takeoffs

    Yesterday, we had 3 Bearhawks flying out of the Boyd Ranch, 20 miles East of Elko Nevada. Thanks to Andy and Russ Boyd for sharing their ranch with Kevin Cox and myself. We had a ball.

    Yesterday was warm, about mid 80'sF, humid, and a mile high. Elko's ASOS reported density altitude of 7,700 feet and the ranch is 200 feet higher so DA there was about 7,900 feet.

    All three planes are O-540 powered, Kevin's (red/silver) 8:50x6" main tires, and mine (white//blue, 35x10 bushwheels) both had 30 gallons on board when we started. Boyd's plane (red/white) had full tanks (50 gallons, 31x6 bushwheels). The meadow grass stubble is about 4 to 6-inches deep, the "runway" is a recently cut hay meadow so has some definite humps and bumps, but at least we weren't dodging cowpies!

    I realize that unless you are addicted to airplanes, and in particular Bearhawk's, these videos my be like watching paint dry, but I know most on here will appreciate watching them. Keep in mind we just did this for fun, there was no measuring of distances, etc. Nor was the time taken for fancy editing, etc; just flying so keep you r expectations low in that regard and you won't be disappointed. I don't look at the airspeed indicator when landing so I don't know what speed I touch down at; short approach (over the house) was 60 mph the one time I looked. Lift off was in the high 30's to 40 mph the few times I looked.

    Looks like this post will only accept one link at a time so I'll make multiple posts.


    This is "Circuits - Round 1" by Mike Creek on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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    Always good to have more videos to watch!

    Almost 8,000ft DA. The extra ground roll needed is plain to see, right from the first take-off. Very interesting, we don't have anything that high.


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      This is a few years old (2013) but is fun to watch. it was lost in the wrong file folder and I just happened across it this evening:
      This is "Mike Landing Stehekin" by Mike Creek on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


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        Flew into Ballarat,CA Sunday and landed on the road. There were 2 Bearhawks and a PA-12. This is a ghost town that only has one full time resident now. It is in a VERY active MOA so weekend visits are best.

        This is "Ballarat L-TO" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


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          Excellent videos, thanks for posting. That road in Ballarat had some serious berms on either side.
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            Yes, it is tricky turning around on roads with berms. It is best to shut down and turn around by hand to keep the prop out of the berms/rocks.