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Trip to kit factory Dec 2016

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  • Trip to kit factory Dec 2016

    Season's greetings everyone. Got back yesterday from a short trip to the kit factory. I thought you all might find a few pics interesting. The kit construction pics are of a Patrol Sea Plane kit which has been special ordered by an Alaskan. One pic is the first wing's skins being riveted on. The second set of spars is ready to go. So the second wing will take another 8-9 days. The other two building pics are of the Patrol SP fuselage still in the fuselage jig. It will be coming out soon for all the additional work/parts that have to be added.

    There is one pic I took of the Popocatepetl volcano spewing some smoke. Peak is 17,800 ft MSL. It is 18 KM from the factory. Yesterday someone told me it had been in the news here for being especially active the last few days. We didn't notice, and no one was talking about it there.

    Last pic is of the factory head of production, Agustin, and our worker Sisto checking their beehives outside the little town where Sisto was born. It is about a 40 minute drive from the factory. Very small, rural town which is quite nice. Time stands still in places like this in the Mexican countryside. I accompanied them to check the hives. Sisto has been keeping bees for 20+ years. This little town is well known in the area for its moonshine Mezcal, also known as Nectar of the Gods or as I like to call it - Cognac Mexicano. Sisto's father insisted on giving me a bottle of his last batch which he made for himself. Tequila has become very popular worldwide. But pure, well made Mezcal is better - my opinion. Nothing to do with airplanes, but I bet there are some drinkers in this forum. Mark

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