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2024 current prices ?

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  • 2024 current prices ?

    Can yall give me an idea what would be considered a "good" price for .025 2024t3 ????? (8 foot or 12 foot) I have a local place that stocks it --- just not sure if his price will be
    competitive if I dont know what the going rate is..... If he is higher by the shipping amount I would think that would work......
    Is there a single place that everybody orders from ? (like dillsburg used to be before it closed)

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    For me, 90% of my 2024 came from Aircraft Spruce with most of the rest from Wicks. 6061 was sourced locally. Start there to get a feel for market pricing.

    When looking at shipping costs, be aware that there is an option to ship sheet "rolled" which saves quite a bit.

    Take advantage of free shipping opportunities. Wicks tends to offer free shipping around holidays(sign up and watch for their email) while Spruce offers free shipping on items ordered at shows(like Oshkosh or for me, Copperstate)


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      It costs $241 (USD) per sheet here in NZ. Again, through Aircraft Spruce.


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        I am glad I do not have to deal with international shipping rates. I've bought all of my aluminum for Airparts Inc ( in Kansas. They were by far the best source for me at the time; and they are great people to deal with. I bought the rolled stuff and protect the outer skins with the thin plastic the local building-center sells for covering carpeting during construction.

        I've also purchased a few pieces of 4130 from Airparts because they charge only actual shipping charges and they cut-to-length so it will fit into an short box for USPS or UPS. Their steel tubing is always top quality (non of that dirty/black Asian-sourced crap) and their delivery has been surprisingly prompt as well.

        I've purchased nearly all my aluminum rivets from Vans, they have a great selection, great at getting in here fast too. Some US Post Office between Oregon and Wisconsin must have thousands of little rivets getting pressed into the soles of their staff's shoes, because I once got a rivet-pack from Vans with the corner missing. Vans had another pack in my mailbox in a couple of days ... no questions asked.

        Since I've discovered by intense price-comparison shopping that Aircraft Spruce is often double the price of my choice of vendor, Spruce is way-way down on my list of preferred-vendors

        Perhaps I am sounding a bit too anal here, but so far I am on track to build my Patrol for less than $20K in material, including zero-time O-320 Lycoming, and I do not have a lot of stuff left to buy.


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          I shopped around too when I was buying AL, and could never get anyone to beat Spruce, including KC Airparts. What I found two years ago, is similar to what I find today...a 4 x 8 sheet of .025" 2024-T3 is $114 at Kansas City Air Parts. *Spruce has it for $89. *The moral of the story is SHOP! Then share with others what you are finding.

          Bergy, I am interested in using your engine supplier.
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