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2 part water based epoxy sources....

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  • 2 part water based epoxy sources....

    Was looking at some kind of water borne 2 part anticorrosion primer for my ribs. Checked with spruce and they want about 90$ per quart.
    Anyone have any hot tips on that product or a similar one -----functionaly----- that is a competitive price ????
    Or is the spruce price the "normal" going rate ?????
    The spruce part i priced was stewart systems ekopoxy- quart in green.--- 90$ per quart.
    Wondering if there might be clone products in other brands.....

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    Epoxy primers are popular in automotive use these days (according to my Saturday morning car shows on TV ). Perhaps check with your favorite auto paint supplier?
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      I am using Stewarts..

      ...............Ekoprime, green..........wash, acid etch, rinse, dry, and prime. I am happy with outcome.


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        I have always used Deft primer, resistant to most liquids found in an aircraft

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      Dan--- did you find a price any better than Spruce's (about 88$ per qt.) ???? or does that seem to be a competitive price ? Stewarts eko-poxy looks like
      an excellent product in terms of performance and ease of use. i just wanted to find the best price since it is more expensive than many of the other alternatives.


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        I really did not check prices. I was thinking I ordered directly from Stewarts, but that may not be correct. If it wasn't Stewarts then it was aircraft spruce.
        I am very happy with the product and the outcome though my skills leave something to be desired. You much have dry air, as low a moisture content as you can. Stewarts is sensitive to impurities. I created a lot of "fish eyes" until I went with a refrigerated dryer on my air supply to my spray gun. This was spraying in the summer with a RH of 85-90%.


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          Call Wicks before ordering Stewarts paint products. Last Spring they ran a sale—10%, I think.