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Nose bowl inlet plugs

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  • Nose bowl inlet plugs

    Can anyone tell me the proper “store-bought” plugs for Bob’s 4-place nosebowl?

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    I just got a set from Bruce's Custom Covers for my Patrol. I called them up and they knew what I needed. I couldn't figure it out on line but they were very helpful on the phone. I had them add a third plug for my engine intake inlet, just sent them the diameter of that opening and a picture of the front of the nosebowl. It fits my two piece nosebowl perfectly.
    Rollie VanDorn
    Zanesville, OH
    Patrol Quick Build


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      Thanks for the reply, Rollie. Are Patrol Quick Build nose bowls the same as what Bob sells for the four-place?


      • Mark Goldberg
        Mark Goldberg commented
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        The kit builders have a choice of nose bowls. Bob's or the ones we have made for a larger diameter spinner. They are not the same. But the inlet areas might be. Mark