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Model B seat mounting

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  • Model B seat mounting

    I have been looking at the front seats for the last week for a couple of minutes a day. Today I spent an hour, then looked at the plans. Nada. Kit manual, same. Eric Newtons site, very little.

    I have no clue how they mount or operate, and can't find any info. One side of the seat bottom has a channel welded to it that looks like it slides in a mating channel on either side or the middle. But that is it. Nothing else seems to match up. A picture would probably give me an aaahaaa moment. I can't figure out how the seat bottoms even fit into the fuselage.

    Thanks for any help.

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    I think the Bearhawk Book has a section dedicated to it.
    ​Christopher Owens, EAA #808438
    Project "Expedition"
    Bearhawk 4-Place Scratch Built, Plans #991
    Bearhawk Patrol Scratch Built, Plans #P313
    Germantown, Wisconsin, USA


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      2nd dumb question. What is the Bearhawk book?


      • Archer39J
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        Should have come with your plans, it's a spiral bound book with lots of good info in it. I believe has the same info if you're subscribed.

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      Here's some pics, hopefully they help. I sanded off the paint from the seat but the manual suggests sanding out the paint on the fuselage side. I started with just that but the seats still stuck quite a bit. Those channels get greased so maybe that would have been the ticket. Nevertheless they slide well without lubrication now. I also included some pics of the locking mechanism, the manual photos left a bit to the imagination. You'll be drilling the holes in the seats, I started with it all the way aft and measured forward in 1" increments. That seemed to work well for me.



      Dave B.
      Edmonds, WA
      4 Place Quick Build


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        Thanks Dave I think that will help. I will try again in the morning.

        With most of the fuselage and tail together and "working", I would say the fitment of all the kit parts is outstanding. I would have guesses that a bunch of weldments would have made it very easy to get some parts "off". So far that has not been the case. Everything fits together perfectly, with getting the paint off being the deciding factor in how well things fit together.

        Unfortunately my compressor seems to be Tango Uniform, so my aluminum work is not progressing at all. Time for a new one.


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          I think I got a Bearhawk LSA book by mistake. So far I haven't needed it. Plans, kit builders manual have been more than enough. The seats and me head-scrathing though.


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            The Bearhawk Book is Bob's consolidated version of the 1995-2001 Beartracks, which you can access here: or the KBM has an entry here:

            Dave, is it OK if I add your photos to that entry in the KBM?


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              Yeah for sure, feel free to use anything I post to the forums.

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            Wow, I was waaaayyyyy off on how I thought they worked. Thanks for the pic Dave. 2 seats now mounted assembled, except for the ability to sit in them.

            Here is a pic of the exploded view of the locking pin, and the adjusting holes in the bottom of a seat bottom. Works great. It helps to round off the end of the pin to help it engage each hole. I used a 5/16" .046" spring. I might try a stiffer one tomorrow, but it works good as it is. I was only able to get about a 1/2" stroke on the pin.

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