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January 2019 Manual Update

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  • January 2019 Manual Update

    As of today I've changed the formatting of the map a little, based on builder feedback.
    Any boxes that are green are "start here" boxes with no prerequisites.

    Also as of today, I have "forked" the same map into a Patrol version, which is here:
    I'll start a thread in the Patrol forum momentarily.

    If you find a part of the manual or the map to be lacking, or if you find that it isn't user-friendly enough, please let me know so that I can address your concerns. It may be worth making a quick tutorial video. If you think that is something that will help, I'd like to know that too. My first choice is to create a system that is self-explanatory enough that it doesn't require that sort of thing, but I realize that may be unrealistic.

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    Hello Jared:

    Is there anyway to download the map so It can be enlarged and printed?


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      Originally posted by Airplane1313 View Post
      Hello Jared:

      Is there anyway to download the map so It can be enlarged and printed?
      I'd like to make that option available. How big would you want it?

      The main disadvantage is that a printed version will not reflect changes. One advantage is that it's easy to write on a printed version.

      I've been wanting to make a video about how you can create an account and save a copy of the map to your own account, and make changes to it there. But I realize for some folks a printed copy is going to be better.


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        Hello Jared - I just logged in and saw your reply. Sorry for the delay in my response.

        It would be nice if it was at least 16'x20' - small poster size so I could put it on the wall for easy reference. I realize it maybe updated frequently - your idea of how to create an account then print it maybe a good solution as well. I actually went through the process of setting up an account but could not get it to print on one 11"x17" page. I wonder if there is a way to create a link that could be downloaded for printing?


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          I had a play around with Mind Meister and discovered that I can customise the layout, while still keeping Jareds same content. A larger screen desktop seems to work better with Mind Meister, and a free account allows it to be customised. A paid account allows printing, PDF’s etc.

          Here’s a link to a layout that I will use.......being more of a “left side of the brain” type (don’t judge me!)
          There’s a lot of great info on Jared’s website.

          Here’s a screenshot as well:

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            If anyone wants a pdf, I have a paid account and can help. The only caution is that once printed, it won't reflect any updates.