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Latest progress on my Bearhawk 4 place scratch build

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  • Latest progress on my Bearhawk 4 place scratch build

    Some photo's of my progress on 1178, Question, do I use 032 for the nose bottom and top?

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    Really nice work, Gerhard. Mine is a Patrol. Plans called out .032" for cowl panels, which I made. No problems on this end.

    What's the big aluminum structure in front of your plane?



    • Gerhard Rieger
      Gerhard Rieger commented
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      Hi Bill,thanks for the compliment, I am a slow builder in my eight year, hop to finnish it before I go for nine years. but it must be the way I want it. what exactly are you revering to regarding big allu structure?you must add some photos for us to see your progress.

    • Bdflies
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      Well, another look at your photos revealls a wing, in front of the fuselage. At first glance, I thought I was seeing something else...


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    You are covering yours already, hope to do that soon. I aquired the ceconite 101 already and most of the tape, need the dope.,Thinking of going with Stewardt systems. No dangerous goods certificates needed.


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      Great progress - you'll be thrilled to be so far advanced!

      I really like your unique take on the "mouse door" challenge. Will you be using seaplane style doors?

      You can get away with 0.025 for the bottom cowl and cowl doors without any issues. But the top cowl is a much flatter panel, it needs 0.032 or else it will drum badly.
      I have used 0.025 all around except the top cowl, which is 0.032.
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        Thanks Battson, yes on the doors. want them out of the way and left the back lower.


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            Very nice. I love the doors. Good job!