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North Dakota Passport

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  • North Dakota Passport

    Two Bearhawk’s have completed the North Dakota challenge of landing at all 89 public use airports.
    A very challenging and rewarding experience.
    North Dakota rolled out the Red Carpet every where
    N232PF and N924PL landed on the most incredible journey. The hospitality of the people we encountered
    in our travels was exceptional.

    The aviation experience covered the gamet from really cold to cold, cloudy, drizzle, rain, fog, breezy to 30kts, CAVU. Every type of runway imaginable. Concrete,
    asphalt, 30 ft wide to 150 ft wide, grass, wet and dry.
    Beautiful views of “ Fly Through “ country.

    If it needs to be done the Bearhawk will do it well,
    all day every day. Very nice platform for COVID-19
    isolation. : )

    The attitude is perfect, the altitude is pattern, airspeed
    as necessary, can’t do better than that. Every day ended with satisfaction and I believe a beer!
    Collectively we thought that this was the best trip ever!
    10 days, 89 airports, miles of smiles and wishing the journey could continue.

    N232PF Pat Fagan

    N924PL Scott Williamson
    Kevin Deutscher ( N272DG in vitro )

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    Now that has to be a Beartracks article


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      I think you get a Leather Jacket award at the Upper Midwest Aviation Symposium next year! That is s cool way to promote tourism in a flat state. Why is Michigan so boring?
      Brooks Cone
      Southeast Michigan
      Patrol #303, Kit build


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        Sounds like a great trip, how about some pictures?