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Webinar Zenair Floats on Bearhawk

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  • Webinar Zenair Floats on Bearhawk

    Wed. The 17th at 7pm EST there will be a webinar presentation by Michael Hieinz of Zenith aircraft held on the EAA Chapter 1314 monthly meeting. The presentation is to specifically discuss Zenair floats on Bearhawk Aircraft. Some of you attended last months Bearhawk presentation by Mark Scott. All are welcome ...... go too EAA 1314. .... select EVENT LISTING .... select The FEB 17 the link to Zoom meeting. If asked for a password. EAA1314. Hope to see you there we had a good turn last month for Mark Scotts presentation on his Bearhawk and his trip from New England to Alaska.

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    thanks for posting

    I won’t be able to watch at that time...but I’m assuming it will be posted to watch in the webinars on the eaa website afterwards?


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      I have been researching float kits for some time now and haven't been able to find one positive review of Zenair floats on larger aircraft. etc. If there is one out there and it's not on an ultralight, please inform me where to find it. As Zenair increased their floatation size, it looks like they just extended the sides down which in turn decreased the "planeing" area of the bottom. I believe Michael said the flat area on the bottoms forward of the step on 2200's was about 32" which is way to short for any credible performance. It would be like trying to fly a bowl off the water. With enough horse power, it can be done. Their design doesn't incorporate any booster area which greatly aids in accelerating as the float starts to plane on the water. Also the turned up angle of the bottom in relation to the top of the float will also decrease performance as the aircraft accelerates. Look at other manufacturers of floats to compare this.Both have a relationship as the two components; plane and floats, accelerate to a point where flight will happen with minimal drag. I would love to find a float kit that would perform well for the price Zenair wants for theirs. Montana wants $28,300. USD for their 2200A kit.
      Just relating my finds thus far. Not trying to take a kick at the hornets nest. Please educate me if there is something I am missing. Thanks


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        Thanks Carl, I'll be watching. I missed Marks presentation but he gave one for us up in LEB a few years ago. Nice plan and nice guy.