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Folding Bike for LSA

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  • Folding Bike for LSA

    Lately I've been researching folding bikes for when my LSA is done and i get to enjoy airplane camping again. I have no experience with folding bikes but they are intriguing such that range for exploring is extended while out flying. The Montague Paratrooper looks like a good fit but expensive. Also, considering eBike conversion for it.

    Anyone here have advise for me?


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    I know a few guys who carry Bromptons with them at work and they Love them. I rode one one and it seemed like a very well constructed bike. They are expensive though.
    Starting year 3 of my 2 year project!


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      Cguy probably has info you’d be interested in.
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        We carry a couple of Montague Navigators around in our Maule (someday our Bearhawk...). They are extremely well made and very comfortable. We don't do any serious off roading with them, just easy trails and roads.

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          the more you pay, the lighter the bike. i have a bike friday which is 22 lbs. 2 will fit in an RV6 baggage space. very well built. however 20" wheels aren't the best for gravel trails. some rails-to-trails can get a bit rough, depending if the original track bed is being used. on pavement they are fine and lighter weight.