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4130A for stabilizer ribs

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  • 4130A for stabilizer ribs

    Hey guys. I was figuring up the materials needed to build the tail section and was wondering where everyone is sourcing their 4130A for the formed stabilizer ribs. I checked with the ACS website but, from what I can tell, everything they sell is in a normalized condition. Maybe I overlooked it?

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    I ordered a bunch of 12x24 and a couple 12x36 sheets from Amazon of all places. At the time the .025 was free shipping for Prime members.


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      No kidding! How about that. Perhaps my new go-to metal shop will be Amazon :-)
      ​Christopher Owens, EAA #808438
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        It would be great if I could get it from amazon as I already have a prime membership. I never thought to look there. Thanks a lot, mswain!


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          Oh, man! I ALWAYS start with Amazon. It always amazes me when I find something there that I cannot find elsewhere, or find it for a fraction of the price. I found a set of LH/RH metal-cutting shears (excellent name brand) for less than half what the aviation stores were charging for a single pair. And of course, the free shipping... I joined Prime as soon as I started the project, figuring I would save a lot more than the cost of the membership...
          Jim Parker
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