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Different Strokes - Bearhawk LSA Fuel Tanks

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  • Different Strokes - Bearhawk LSA Fuel Tanks

    I could not bring myself to secure the tanks as per plans. I built the tanks with closed end rivets and Pro seal . I also chose to redesign the vent system. I could not work with securing the tanks in the plans method . I built the tanks about 3/8 less in height and the end ribs flanges turned inward thus gave me the clearance to change the strapping and provide the same or more fuel capacity. Stinger
    Tank Ribs Metal work complete Strapped and secured

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    Looks great! Very nice! Being an old "RV Builder" I did the tanks on my 4-place and the Patrol this way. Didn't like the warped and wrinkled tanks that I see most of the time with the welding process...some do a better job of it than others. There are lots of airplanes flying with Prosealed tanks. Great job, glad you are not afraid of trying something different!



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      Collin , I also own an RV8 that I built from a standard kit. The old ways are good. Stinger


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        HI Stinger, Im an X RV builder too and I am thinking of the rivet and proseal method too on the tanks. Proseal is a mess to deal with but I know how to do that and will have to learn how to weld aluminum. Awesome looking tanks in the pictures you do neat work.


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          Did you consider making like the RV tanks are attached?


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            Are you thinking of tanks on the leading edge , forward of the spar? Don't think the spar could handle that . Stinger