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Mini update on Craig Owen Corvair LSA

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  • Mini update on Craig Owen Corvair LSA

    Craig built his Bearhawk LSA over a 4yr period & estimates 2600-2800 hours total. As of this last weekend he has 275 hours on the plane. He has a 2850 Corvair with a Warp Drive Prop set for climb and the plane weighs in at 810 lbs with no wheel pants. He says the initial climb varies depending on the temperature & wind, but typically sees 1000 to 1200 FPM solo. His biggest climb “Snap Shot” is that when he flies out his local 1335ft grass airstrip and he stated he’s usually at 2000 AGL by the time he reaches the end of the runway. He doesn’t push it very hard and with the climb prop setting he is usually seeing 85 Knots (98 MPH) at 2600 rpm (at low altitude as he uses it to inspect his crops of his 700 acres farm). If he wants to go any amount of distance, he’ll get up to 5000/5500 FT and then he sees 95+ Knots (110 mph).

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    I wonder how it would perform with the 3liter corvair? That is what is going on my LSA.


    • David Swartzendruber
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      Dave, we are looking to you to provide the answer to this question. Do you have a target timeframe for providing this answer?

    • davzLSA
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      Believe me I will provide all my flight test results as soon I get flying. I am so looking forward to it. But I still have 2 wings to build yet. So its probably going to be awhile. In the mean time I am really enjoying this forum.

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    We need pictures Spud!


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      Here ya go, Here's one photo that I snagged from William Wynne's website.

      Also here is a link for more info & photo's on Craig's LSA.

      Regards, Spud in KC
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        I have seen more pics of this airplane and the last one I saw he had a funnel permanently mounted under the oil plug???? I think William mentions it in his write up on this plane.


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          Good looking plane and it's great to hear that the corvair engine is working out. I might be just a wee bit skeptical about climbing 2000 feet while moving just 1335 feet forward though, wouldn't that be about a 60 degree climb? Maybe it's a 13,350 foot runway?
          Rollie VanDorn
          Findlay, OH
          Patrol Quick Build


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            Hi Rollie,
            Ya know I never really analyzed it down....Hmmm. That sorta would be like a home-sick Angel (Grin). I did here clearly (I think..) Looks like the elevation around there is about 1100 to 1200ft maybe he meant to state 2000 altitude or 800 to 900 AGL.

            I'll ask him to clarify next time I talk to him.

            Regards, Spud in KC