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  • LSA engine on

    Here are a couple pics of my LSA fuselage with a Bob Barrows O-200 hanging on the front. Check out aluminum the oil tank. This is a Bob Barrows design that he has started making himself. Mark

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    Looks like the cylinders extend past the outside of the firewall or is that a optical illusion? Keep the Picks coming.
    Dan - Scratch building Patrol # 243.


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      Nice Mark. Do you have the weights of the oil tanks, steel and aluminium?

      Mark J


      • Mark Goldberg
        Mark Goldberg commented
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        The aluminum ones Bob makes are lighter but not by a lot. The steel ones that every one uses tend to crack. Bob has stopped twice on cross country's with the oil tank cracked and leaking. So he designed a new one. A brand new one from Continental is only $2,000. MG