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LSA flying wires group buy

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  • LSA flying wires group buy

    I just spoke with Cheryl at Steen Aerolab about the pending order for LSA flying wires. She has two orders already, and I have a third order for her from a Brazilian LSA customer. There needs to be 5 sets bought to get the good pricing. Lacking two orders to make up the 5 sets. I will buy those and hold them for future LSA customers if no one else wants them. But do not really want to if there are any LSA builders who need their flying wires.

    So if you need the LSA flying wires - get in touch with Cheryl at 321/725-4160. Mark

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    Mark, do you know if Ben's LSA has the flying wires? If not we'll need a set.


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      The flying wires do not come in the LSA kits? I bought a set of plans for the LSA and will determine which path to take once I get my other project flying. That said if I will need these anyway what do I save by committing now?


      • Mark Goldberg
        Mark Goldberg commented
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        If you are interested in learning what comes in the kit and what has to be purchased apart from the kit - get in touch. Happy to help. Mark

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      When a group buy of 5 sets is ordered it brings the cost down a LOT. These wires are not included in the Quick Build kits. Mark


      • Tallow98
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        Are Yall still working on this or have yall bought?