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LSA on Floats

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  • LSA on Floats

    I live on a lake that freezes in the winter and am interested in building a plane that can be fitted with floats and skis. Would a Bearhawk LSA be a suitable platform? If so, what size engine would be required? Can the fuselage be fitted with two doors? I welcome any ideas, suggestions, and advice.

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    The kit factory has made one LSA fuselage set up for floats. And I know Bob flew his LSA on skis when they had a good snow in Virginia.

    The LSA was designed for the 4 cylinder Continentals. I have an O200A in mine. Mark


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      Mark, has anyone mounted an o-320 on the LSA frame? Are you aware if anyone has mounted floats on the LSA? Is this a realistic objective? I have read where the Patrol was put on floats, but understand that it likely has an o-360 engine. I would prefer a smaller and lighter airframe for this aging pilot, but am mindful that the larger Patrol frame may work better. I defer to those who are more experienced and knowledgeable for guidance. Thank you.


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        The O320 is much heavier than the 4 cylinder Continentals. I would think it is not usable on an LSA because of its weight. No problem mounting floats. There are a lot of floats out there for planes in this weight range, Mark


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          Mark, could the LSA work with an O-240? At my altitude, the 240 is a 100 HP engine.


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            Mark, what about Titan Engine X320, which is slightly lighter than the O-240. I'm just wondering if an engine slightly heavier than the O-200 with more HP works better for floats. Of course, if the guy who built the LSA on floats can weigh in, I would love to learn how his plane performs with whatever engine he used. It seems to be a delicate balance between weight and HP with regard to a float plane, and I have heard that sometimes the lighter engine with less HP actually performs better.


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              The builder with the special order LSA for float flying has not finished. So no data to share with you now.

              As far as engines - my O200A from Bob weighed 199 lbs. With starter and basic electrical system. If you come in close to that with engine weight - no issues as far as CG.

              However - the Lycoming is a couple inches WIDER than the Continentals. So if you used a Lycoming you would likely need to make some "bumps" on the cowling sides to accommodate the wider engine. Mark