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Smoke system

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  • Smoke system

    No, it's not what you think. Over on the Biplane forum the subject of being seen around uncontrolled airports in the small biplanes, Pitts, Miniplanes etc came up. In the best of times these planes are tough to see around the traffic pattern. I fly out of a busy uncontrolled airport and have had a few "moments" with traffic entering the pattern from all sorts of directions and altitudes. One biplane pilot mentioned that a 3 second blip of smoke makes his little airplane immediately identifiable. Maybe a lightweight smoke system holding a guart of oil is not such a crazy idea.
    Just in case. Is smoke just for Biplanes?
    Patrol #30
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    I’M BUILDING a Patrol kit and will put smoke in it. I own a Stearman and use smoke all the time. Entering patterns crossing runways while flying seeing another a/c close by and it is more visible than wing flash
    plus smoke is cool !
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      Carl it’s not the Stearman or it’s smoke that’s cool. It’s you. You’re cool. 😎🤠😁. Well okay, they are a little cool too. 😂


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        I think the occasional smoke puff is great for recognition, especially in congested areas like where I live... under the Charlotte Bravo. I like to be seen!
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          I put a smoke system on my Pitts when I built it in 1981. Wasn't an airshow pilot and only used it occasionally. I have no argument against having a smoke system if you want one but L.E.D. lighting has improved so much that I will put lights all over my airplane.


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            When I was learning to fly in Wetumpka Alabama which is near Maxwell AFB in Montgomery C130's used to get in the pattern for Wetumpka on their way to Maxwell. I wish my C150 had smoke so they could have seen me. They did not talk on the CTAF so it was all you watching out for them and not getting wrapped around their wing.