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Aluminum sheet required

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  • Aluminum sheet required

    I found this pdf with sheets required to build bearhawk wings. I was wondering if anyone knows if this is accurate (or pretty close ) for the Patrol? I am in California working for the next few weeks and not near my plans to break it all down, but it just hit me that I could swing by spruce while I’m down here and carry my material home myself.

    thank you!

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    I would get;
    2 sheets 4x8 .032 for spar webs and ribs
    3 sheets 4x8 .025 for ribs and misc.
    1 sheet 4x12 .125 for reinforcements, or buy the one piece spar web reinforcement from Mark if and when it becomes available.
    This will get you started and leave enough stock to build a resonable scrap pile. You may have some excess, sell or better yet give it away. Try to get plastic coated stock. Might be a good time to pick up some steel, expensive to ship.
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      Thank you. I bought the spar and hydro formed ribs from Mark. I’m sorry I should have been more specific. It’s mainly the skin call outs in that list I would need. I’m trying to grab stuff while I’m here , but also I’m concerned about rising prices of material. The plan was to weld out the fuselage this summer and build wings during the winter.


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        b1.jpg PATROL
        Always buy the 12 foot length. The 032 is wrapped completely around. Other 12 foot sheets can be split into 6 foot lengths. One six foot length for left wing, the other six foot lenght for right wing.

        I believe the patrol has 020 bottom skin. I know some builders use 025 for the bottom skin.

        I would also buy the alodine ,acid, and epoxy primer in case it needs a hazzard surcharge packaging.

        I also bought some 016 for the Aileron pocket rib covers. You do not need much, I think a 4 x4 foot sheet maybe?


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          Great info. Thank you!