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Patrol towing a glider

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  • Patrol towing a glider

    Patrol in Perth Australia towing a glider. They have done 4 or more glider tows. Patrol has Mazda rotary engine and IVO prop. Mark
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    Interesting camera location!
    What airspeed do they set during tow?
    Scratch building Patrol #275
    Hood River, OR


    • Mark Goldberg
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      I do not know. They sent me a picture last night of their Patrol towing a two seat glider. Heavy - according to owner. Mark
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    • m.mooney
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      Typically tow at 70 mph

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    If anyone ever hears of a path to get approval for glider towing with E-A/B airplanes in the US, I'd love to know more. I would think the Bearhawk would be a great tow plane but my Operating Limitations (and presumably everyone else's) prohibit it.


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      The wing looks like it is covered with something, rather than painted.


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        FAR 91.319 allows an experimental aircraft to tow a glider (for compensation) as long as the glider meets LSA requirements (1320 lbs max gross weight). I think the cookie cutter ops specs usually prohibit it though. I do not have any information how to get that limitation removed from the ops specs.
        Brooks Cone
        Southeast Michigan
        Patrol #303, Kit build