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Firewall to Tunnel Transition

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    I am about to install nut plates on the SS kit tunnel. I have my boot cowl sides overlapping the top of the tunnel sides, and installing the nut plates on the tunnel. I tried dimpling the SS and it seems to work OK. I can't find any specific info on dimpling SS. Any problem using CS screws and dimples? Aluminum rivets? I try not to use aluminum rivets on steel but in this case the SS is screwed to aluminum boot cowl sheeting so I think there is enough aluminum to act as a sink. The rivets should last a while.


    • Bcone1381
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      I used Nut Plates attached on the tunnel like you described. I attach the boot cowl via Cad Plated steel (not SS) AN526 Truss Head machine screws. I want this to be easily removable, so I did not consider riveting it.

      Post #11 Spinning Wrench shows how he added an aluminum angle to help the joinery at the leading edge of the tunnel. I also did that and like it.
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      The rivets are just holding the nut platers.