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Transition training completed...

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  • Transition training completed...

    I drove down to Hickory last weekend to take Jared Yates’ transition training course, and I’m extremely satisfied.
    Jared and I spent almost a full day, talking about the particularity of the Bearhawk, and of course, flying in Jared’s BH. I’ve logged 3.3 hours, in 3 different sessions, and did 31 takeoffs/landings. The morning conditions were perfect, no wind. Wind picks up in the afternoon, which give me some exposure to crosswind conditions.
    We also practiced “delayed takeoff”, which is to apply full power, raise the tail up, then reduce power substantially, and wheelie the plane all the way to the near end of the runway, and take off. The goal is to track the centreline. It was tough at the beginning, but I manage to track the runway decently after a couple of try. This is a real good exercise to develop your rudder skills.
    All this to say that Jared really made the difference here, helping me to build my confidence level handling the BH, and I now feel much better prepared for my 1st flight (waiting patiently for Transport Canada to send me the airworthiness certificate).
    Again, very satisfied and I recommend the training to all.


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    Thanks for the PIREP! Great idea to get transition training.
    Jim Parker
    Farmersville, TX (NE of Dallas)
    RANS S-6ES – E-LSA powered by 100 HP Rotax 912ULS


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      Thanks Michel, it was fun flying together!


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        Awesome, Mike.

        Hopefully Transport Canada will get their act together before the weather turns to crap for the winter...

        Let me know if you need any help.


        Maule M5-235C C-GJFK
        4 Seat Bearhawk #1078 (Scratch building)
        RV-8 C-GURV (Sold)