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Any Updates on Companions Builds?

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  • Any Updates on Companions Builds?

    I'll start - this is my first post of substance here. I've been utilizing the forum a lot but all of my questions have already been asked and answered so I remain a silent lurker. Here goes - progress continues - nose and center ribs are rough finished, need to tinker a bit with them to get to a point I'm happy with and deburr. Otherwise, on to 4 short ribs and two full length then flap and aileron ribs.
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    This one will fly soon, keep at it! IMG_0453 (1).jpgIMG_0422 (2).jpgIMG_0402 (1).jpg


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      Really nice looking work!

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    N942VT Beauty! Love it. What power plant did you go with?


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      Originally posted by N942VT View Post
      This one will fly soon, keep at it! IMG_0453 (1).jpgIMG_0422 (2).jpgIMG_0402 (1).jpg
      Looks great!