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Beahawk 5 Rivet Kit Material List

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  • Beahawk 5 Rivet Kit Material List

    Good Day to all the happy people, If you are grumpy, cheer up it's heathier for you! I am sharing my preliminary rivet & celeco order from Hanson Rivet. Great group imho !
    This list took roughly 12 hrs to put together. It is not a complete list yet. But it is certainly enough to get a person going with a reasonable supply of necessary rivets. With Rivets & Celecos the order was $1250.00 usd. As time progresses I will up date the list until it is complete.
    Your welcome, happy building.
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    Clecos seem quite pricey compared to aircraft spruce. I see no need for the 5/32 long clecos...especially at that price. Id check aircraft spruce pricing.....thats just me though. Keep up the homework
    . It takes a lot of time as well.


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        Long Reach Clecos....A normal Spring Cleco has a 1/4" reach. The spar thickness buildup of the Web + Cap Strips exceed the capacity of a 1/4" reach cleco. Some Long reach clecos are necessary to avoid using nuts/bolts. I like Hansons Rivets referred to in the original post above. The Yard Store is also high on my list for good prices/selection for aircraft assembly tools. The Yard Store also carries used tools. They are based in the heart of Aircraft Assembly country....Kansas. Worth a check/comparison. They might carry used long reach clecos at a discounted price.

        Also when building your rivet supply consider "1/2 length rivets" which are rivets lengths between the full size lengths. Cutting a long rivet to size seems to harden them. I have more failures driving a hardened cut rivet.

        1/2 length rivets are like an AN426AD3-3.5 or 4.5 Vans Aircraft is a good resource for 1/2 length sizes. Aircraft spruce....not so much. Consider buying an 1/8 pound of all the rivets in 3/32" and 1/4" diameter in 1/2 lengths up to -5 or -6 length whether the plans call for it or not. You'll use them and be grateful you have them. I'm using some as I build the engine baffling for example.
        Brooks Cone
        Southeast Michigan
        Patrol #303, Kit build