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Thinking about building a Bearhawk Patrol

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  • Thinking about building a Bearhawk Patrol

    Greetings to the Bearhawk Forum,
    I have been scouring the kits available and keep landing on the Patrol. Slow and low plus good cruise speed and range. It has a nice look to it in proportion and I like the simplification of wing struts and landing gear. I think it will do my purpose to fly cross country and explore off airport places to camp out. I look forward to a good experience and meeting new friends.
    Thank you for adding me to the forum.
    Dave Johnson
    A&P/Avionics Dude

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    Welcome Dave!


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      Hi Dave, welcome to Bearhawkforums! I had the pleasure of seeing two exceptional examples of patrols for the first time with Donna and Dennis when they came up for the air show last weekend. It’s a fantastic looking plane and a great all around performer, can’t go wrong for sure. Sounds like you’re looking at a kit?
      Dave B.
      Edmonds, WA
      4 Place Quick Build


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        Welcome Dave! Where are you, geographically?


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          Welcome Dave! Perfect timing if you buy a kit now. My understanding is the kit has some new and improved features that help make the kit easier to build, like drilled to fit wing struts and wing to fuselage I think was a couple of them. Also I think the pricing has yet to reflect those improvements, but maybe not for long??? As all the Patrol pilots who have planes flying will tell you—-worth every minute and every penny! D. ( P.S: thanks Dave B. 😊)


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            Hi Dave,
            Welcome to the forum! You'll find this 'virtual club' can be a huge resource of imformation and experiences during your build. Take note, however, you'll also find that we're a bit biased. Bob's designs perform admirably and fly nicely. If you haven't gotten a ride in a Patrol, you really should pursue that. It's roomy, comfortable and it performs like few other planes.
            Please don't hesitate to ask questions!