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Looking into building a Patrol

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  • Looking into building a Patrol

    Hello everyone,

    I am reviewing the plans for the Bearhawk Patrol, trying to decide if this is what I want to build. I have a flying RV-7 that I built. Great kit and aircraft, but its time to look at something different. I live in Northern California for now, retired military and we are looking to move.


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    Hello Scott. Welcome to the forum. If you are interested in building a Patrol from our kit - I am happy to discuss it with you. I built an early RV8 finished back in 1998. Mark 512/626-7886


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      Hi Mark, I will definitely call you. Right now I am previewing a set of plans. The owner never started and wants to sell them to me. My -7 was part SB and part QB. I like having some of the work done for me.


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        Hello every one
        I am going purchase Bearhawk patrol QB kits
        Please tell me about aileron attach strut Fwd end bolts - how get too it with lead edge install-- QB kit


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          N302JW - I do not understand your question. The ailerons do not have an attach strut. They are attached to weldments bolted to the wing rear spar. All is accessible. Mark


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            Mark the aileron bell crank strut (as found on Pg. 9) attack to front spar .
            my question was how too get access to the forward side of the spar , to install bolt in spar (for aileron strut bell crank attachment ) ,now I see access hole in the spar. ( I do not have plan , at this time, just the builder's Assistance Manual)


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              There are usually one or two access panels in that spot behind the main spar so that you can service those components. Reach through the lightening holes in the main spar via the access panels and insert the bolts.
              ​Christopher Owens, EAA #808438
              Project "Expedition"
              Bearhawk 4-Place Scratch Built, Plans #991
              Bearhawk Patrol Scratch Built, Plans #P313
              Germantown, Wisconsin, USA


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                Thanks Chris