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Nice strip to practice STOL's

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  • Nice strip to practice STOL's

    Being new to the site I am not sure where to post this or if it even allowable so forgive me if this is the wrong place. I have a small private airport in the Bootheel of New Mexico NM90. On it I have a 6000' N/S Dirt Runway and also a 2000' E/W runway also dirt, well maintained. If anyone would ever want to practice on it they would be welcome to. I have had two successful Fly In's, one was two weeks ago. There is camping available and it is high desert surrounded by Mountains. We have a beautiful Chiricahua National Park only 10 miles away. Birding and Sky Gazing are the big thing here. Anyway just thought I would throw this out to anyone interested. The New Mexico Pilots Association is holding a STOL Clinic there on April 11th. If anyone is interested they can go on the NMPA website for information.

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    Sounds like a delightful place! If I were closer, you’d have to run me off.
    Quick question though,,, with a 6,000’ and 2,000’ strip, don’t ya think STOL is kinda optional!

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      If you are new to STOL you can work off the 6000' until you are comfortable then transition to the 2000'. If you haven't flown for a while, and want to practice crosswind landings and takeoff's it would be a good place and also if you want to do a little mountain flying we have plenty of them.


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        Sounds great to me! I’ll put it on the list for my “Tour de ‘Merica” to follow completing my plane in oh... 5 years...


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          Originally posted by Bdflies View Post
          Quick question though,,, with a 6,000’ and 2,000’ strip, don’t ya think STOL is kinda optional!

          With the density altitudes we get around here, 6000' IS STOL.

          We all have P&W engines here. Push & Wait.
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            Sorry I haven't read the last couple of issues of the NMPA newsletter. I'm just down the street and around the corner at Mid Valley (E98). Usually there working on finishing up my 4 place. Covering flaps and ailerons now. Paint in April for wings, flaps and ailerons. Hope to visit on a cool summer morning or maybe fall. Stop by and visit.
            Thanks too much,
            John Bickham

            Los Lunas, NM Mid Valley Airpark E98
            BH Plans #1117
            Avipro wings/Scratch


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              Thanks, I will do that and you do the same!