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Deutsch Electrical Connectors

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  • Deutsch Electrical Connectors

    Deutcsh.JPGDSCF0933.JPG Awhile back I asked the forum about using wiring connectors at the wing roots. Rob Caldwell mentioned Deutsch connectors which I was unfamiliar with. I ordered a couple on EBAY and was very impressed with the quality and ease of use. They are easy to put together, take apart and unpin if necessary. The connectors can use three different types of pins. One type is an open pin made of nickel with ears that need to be folded over the wire and insulation, similar to a molex pin. The others are solid pins, available in nickel or gold plated. the wire is inserted into a barrel and crimped with a special crimper. I found that connectors with the gold pins could be purchased for just a couple dollars more than the other types. For $24 I bought the necessary crimper on EBAY. The connectors are available from 2 to 12 wire configuration. I already had some molex connectors but these just seem much more robust, and have seals to keep the environment out

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    A common barrier to committing to a family of electrical connectors of any kind is the cost of a special installation tools. Its not uncommon for the tool to be three, maybe even four digits. So the default becomes D-sub connector like your computer uses, and they don't seem to me fit for wing roots or the firewall forward. Gold pins mean long term & trouble free.

    I like this solution.

    Rod or Rob, Do these connectors need any special tool to remove and install the individual pins into its housing?
    Brooks Cone
    Southeast Michigan
    Patrol #303, Kit build


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      No, very easy to remove pins, just need something with a small tip, like a mini phillips head screwdriver.


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        I'm familiar with Deutsch connectors. I have about 40 bucks in special tools to install them. The crimp pliers can be found on amazon along with the pin pushing tools. Once you get used to the crimp tool you can build a multi wire plug connection pretty fast. They're moisture resistant too. I like 'em.


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          No, there is not a special tool to remove the pins. Fairly easy as Rod says. I also did not need a dedicated tool for crimping the pins. I had a crimping for other pin type connections already.
          Rob Caldwell
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