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Tail Post Reinforcement, March 2018 Model B, Patrol

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  • Battson
    Very interesting.
    I was wondering whether the round "stinger" would alleviate more twisting force than the leaf spring, in an off-airport environment. Now I think a stinger doesn't help much with absorbing twisting forces.

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  • Chewie
    Thanks Jared!

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  • Tail Post Reinforcement, March 2018 Model B, Patrol

    Bob has provided an Engineering Change for the tail post structure on the Bearhawk Patrol, and Bearhawk 4-Place when using the round tail spring, as opposed to the leaf tail spring. The original 4-Place uses the leaf spring, and the Model B uses the round tail spring, with some exceptions.

    Details of the update are available here:

    Bearhawk Model "B" drawing #21B
    Bearhawk Patrol drawing #21
    The tail post insert has been increased in length and rosette weld above the rudder hinge attach bushing. Due to twisting forces on the tailwheel rod spring, cracking can otherwise occur at the bushing and tail post. Problem was caused by poor welding of bushing into tail post, and rough off Airport use.

    Bob's terminology for changes:
    ENGINEERING CHANGE: A change to current serial number drawings onward - non-mandatory - may or may not be published. This change is the result of a product improvement, update or modification. Or a minor change of the design to ease manufacturing, maximize utility, economize materials or ease assembly.

    Please direct any questions about the update to Bob Barrows, at 540-473-3661.