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Fabric Covering Tutorial

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  • Fabric Covering Tutorial

    Bearhawk builders,

    For any of the projects you have going right now in the fabric stages, Airtech has sponsored a series of videos to help you work through that process. It's aimed at those who have never worked with fabric and teaches the process step by step. Our videos help walk you through the tools you need, basic processes to cover, and normal downfalls. I personally am doing these videos because I have been through most of the problems that most people have gone through not as a high-end production so you get what is in there, southern slang and all. This a project in the making and the videos will continue to be updated through the fabric primer, and paint steps as well.

    You can see the video on our youtube channel at:

    Basic Fabric Application Playlist can be found here:

    As a reminder bearhawk builders get 15% discount on Airtech orders.
    To place an order feel free to visit us at


    Robbie Staton
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    Nice work on the instructional videos Robbie, thanks!


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      Bookmarked the location so I can watch when I am closer to that stage. Thanks for posting this!
      Jim Parker
      Farmersville, TX (NE of Dallas)
      Patrol Quick-Build Serial # P312