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Landing Lights for a flying Patrol

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    I happened to have my wing top off so I took some pictures. It is a very simple and effective installation. No signs of water, not heavy, not complex, just works and works well. Perhaps could have been done with flush screws?

    All the extra wiring and boxes are because I have HID lights. They made sense 6 years ago when I upgraded from the halogens, but today I would put in LEDs. I bought one of these to try in our RV-4:

    If works well, I"ll buy three more to finish out the RV-4 and replace the 2 HIDs in the Bearhawk. I might have heard about them in another thread here?


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      Thanks for posting this. Any details on the housing/holder?

      I'm trying to make the decision on location and weighing all the pro's and con's. I actually tried forming a lexan lens for the wingtips. The wife went on a trip and several us commandeered the kitchen stove, Russ Erb style. . Made several tries with less than adequate results. Any suggestions or details on wingtip lenses in actual installations?

      Thanks too much,
      John Bickham

      Los Lunas, NM Mid Valley Airpark E98
      BH Plans #1117
      Avipro wings/Scratch


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        Originally posted by John Bickham View Post
        Thanks for posting this. Any details on the housing/holder?
        For the lexan or the bulb?

        The lexan is held in place with an aluminum strip at the top an bottom rear. Screws through the lexan and aluminum in to riveted nut plates. There is a strip of some sort of sealant/glue around the perimeter of the lexan, so it may be difficult to remove. Access is easy so removal isn't a concern and I see no signs of leakage.

        The bulb mount is easier to see in the picture. A few strips of aluminum that offer place for hte adjustment/mounting screws. I don't know the source of the band around the bulb, but I'm sure there are numerous options.

        A follow-up on the LED bulb I linked above. I'm not a fan. The beam is spread too much and doesn't penetrate for distance. It is adequate, but not what I'm looking for. I just ordered another singe/sample bulb. I'll report back after trying it:

        Larsen lights does offer this which should be better than the one i tried: