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Alternate Flap Lever Location 4 place?

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    My experience has been that if your flap actuation force is too great, it means that you are pulling flaps on with too much airspeed. Drop airspeed below 70 mph, put on two notches; then reduce speed to below 60 and put on whatever else you want.


    • svyolo
      svyolo commented
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      I agree to an extent. But you are also pulling against 4 springs to start with. As you get to the last two notches you are pulling against airstream. Getting the springs out of that helps the whole time, whether manual or electric.

      On bigger airplanes with big fowler flaps, the last two flap settings have very limited airspeed ranges, just like you are alluding to.
      Too me it seems like a floor mounted flap handle makes sense on a low wing airplane, and a ceiling mounted one makes sense on a high wing.

    • Mark Goldberg
      Mark Goldberg commented
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      According to Bob from past discussions - it is harder for your arm to get leverage when pulling on an overhead flap handle. Compared to a floor mounted flap lever. And the flap handle on the ceiling makes a great place to put a dent in your head during turbulence. Mark