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Oshkosh 2018

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  • Oshkosh 2018

    Attached is a quick pic of Rollie cranked up and ready to head north in my 4 place BH. He left at 11:45 local time. He is going to position the plane about 1 hour south of OSH. He is doing this early as he is coming to the show also in his newly finished Patrol which will be in our booth.

    A consequence of the plane leaving so early is there might not be a way to get some of my home grown watermelons to the Tuesday night get together. But it is possible there might be someone else locally heading to OSH and can bring the melons. I certainly have plenty melons still as about 15 were picked yesterday. I look forward to seeing all you there. Mark

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    Nice talking to you on the phone, Mark. I’m nearby, so happy to be a backup for your backups if things fall through!
    ​Christopher Owens, EAA #808438
    Project "Expedition"
    Bearhawk 4-Place Scratch Built, Plans #991
    Bearhawk Patrol Scratch Built, Plans #P313
    Germantown, Wisconsin, USA


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      I know this might be asking a lot, and I hope it isn't rude of me to ask, but I was wondering if anyone with a 4-place would mind giving my wife and I a short flight at OSH, we will give you money for fuel/oil/engine wear, etc. Or, if we could at least just sit in one on the ground for a few minutes, that would probably be good too.
      We're planning to build a 4-place and I just want to see how it feels.
      Thank you.


      • jaredyates
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        You are welcome to sit in mine, but I wouldn't be able to take you for a ride at Oshkosh. Be happy to at Brodhead the days before, or just about any other time of the year. I don't give demo rides (not insured for it) and don't accept money, but am happy to offer a ride to another pilot.

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      Thanks Jared, that sounds great! We're going to be there from Saturday night (21st) thru Sunday (29th). I'm sure we can find a good time for all of us to link up and sit in it for minute.


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        SteveF: Kevin and I are bringing two four place Bearhawks to KOSH. You can jump as many times back and forth as you like. Maybe we can figure out a ride.
        Scott Williamson N509RF & N924PL


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          This is shaping up to be a good year for Bearhawks at Oshkosh!