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Alternative materials for doors

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  • Alternative materials for doors

    has anyone else considered or actually built their cargo doors of something other than square tube? $8.75 a foot seems a little crazy for a door frame. I am thinking of aluminum door panels built up of a C channel perimeter and riveted skins inside and out. I would have 4130 hinges and latch hardware.
    theoretically much lighter as well.
    i have also been considering round tube for the frames as well.

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    For what it's worth, my QB Patrol kit has door frames made of round tubing, just like the rest of the fuselage. Don't see why it wouldn't be do-able on the 4-place as well.
    Jim Parker
    Farmersville, TX (NE of Dallas)
    Patrol Quick-Build Serial # P312


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      There was an engineering change several years ago that changed the cargo doors to round tube except the tubes where the frames come together. The latch system would be more difficult in round tube.

      I'm a Tapatalk user so I can't see your "comment"


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        I'm not sure how I missed that change- thanks for the heads up!


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          I missed that memo as well I made all my doors with round tube


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            All my doors are Aluminum, I did not cover them with ceconite but upholstered them as seen on photos


            • Bearhawk535
              Bearhawk535 commented
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              That is what I have in mind- very nicely done!

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            Man- that looks like a rolls-royce inside. Great looking! Are those factory built seats ? or did you copy the factory design ? They look way comfy !


            • Gerhard Rieger
              Gerhard Rieger commented
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              They are and no its not factory design. I made the back rests higher for more support and will be able to sit in them for a couple of hrs