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Engine baffle seals

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  • Engine baffle seals

    Looking for input. Have you guys installed baffle seals on the baffles at the nosebowl, or on the nosebowl openings themselves, to seal up against the baffles?; im thinking of installing the baffle seals on the baffles themselves, at the back, sides, and at the front nosebowl. Again, id appreciate any input, recommendations either way. Gary

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    I would not recommend flying a -540 engine without sealing the front of the baffles, I would expect overheating. There is also a lot of extra drag if you don't seal this area, which will cost airspeed.

    I made small tunnels from the intakes to the area above the engine, and ran a baffle across the front of the block between the two tunnels.

    You can see the tunnels in these photos - however there is no baffle material installed at the front of the tunnels in the photos, as I needed to replace it. Normally there is material all the way around the tunnel entry, this seals against the inside of the fibreglass cowl.


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      Ive got the marginal O360. Was going to seal off for sure but wasnt sure where i was going to install the baffle seal. I was hoping/ planning on fastening baffle seals to the baffles themselves at the nosebowl, and not to the nosebowl itself. Was wondering which was more common


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        Pictures attached of my O-360 installation. This all seemed to seal great, but the bottom cooling lip was critical to the successful cooling.



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          Thanks bill. So you still have no baffle seal at the bottom front? Do u recall where you got that baffle seal and was it sheets or 3 or 4 inch strips? Attached is my cooling lip picture. i hope it does its job.


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            If I'm understanding your question, the lower front flexible baffling is attached to the lower cowl (nosebowl) lip. When in place, it laps over the aluminum engine baffle at the front. This way, the pressure of the entering air - presses the flexible baffle onto the engine baffle, effectively sealing it. My first photo shows this in place. All of my baffle materials came in the Vans kit.
            Your lip looks fine.


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          Thanks bill. Sorry i didnt notice that in the the pic previous. I appreciate, one again, your response . That is the direction i am going now. Baffles will be done in a week!