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Wing fitting

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  • Wing fitting

    I was going through some old posts, and Eric Newtons' website, and I noticed several builders fitted their wings pretty early in the build process. Is there any reason this has to be done? I would rather only do it once? The only reason I can think of right off hand is if you want to use 1 piece fuel lines.


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    Builders do drill their wings to the fuselage at different times. Personally, I have done this when I had all the controls ready to be rigged with cables run etc. Then I have to take the wings off again to rivet down bottom skin and finish everything up. My way of doing it requires mounting your wings two times instead of once. But I like it better because I can see everything working properly with no cables rubbing etc. - before I close up the wings. Mark


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      Many people don't have enough room in their shop to leave the wings on for long. They get them fitted, do the measurements and fabrication they need, and take them off again until the airport.


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        I like what Mark said, and will probably follow the path he likes.

        Up to now, I was under the impression that wing fitting done early was due in part that the wing does not weigh as much. I have not heard of any one running the fuel line in one piece from the tank to the fuselage TEE. Bob's plans for the Patrol specifies a rubber hose at the wing root. I always assumed that the purpose of it was A) to connect/disconnect the fuel line at the wing root, and 2) reduce vibration fatigue on the fuel line.
        Brooks Cone
        Southeast Michigan
        Patrol #303, Kit build


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          I saw a someone's builders log of a solid line going all the way to the tank. I didn't like that either as the tanks are not rigidly mounted.
          I have the same shop space problem. I have enough room to build both wings and the fuselage at the same time, but not enough space to assemble the airplane. I would have to move it to fit the wings.