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Mounting the Flaps and Ailerons

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  • Mounting the Flaps and Ailerons

    There are a few items on my to-do list that have been sitting there for a while. One is the section in the Kit Builder Manual about mounting the flaps and ailerons. On our kit, this had already been done by the previous builder, so it's especially hard to write a good how-to. Would someone who has done it be willing to write up a draft, that we can send to Mark and get into the manual? I'd be eternally grateful and happy to bestow the riches of many Bearhawk stickers or other such worldly treasures in return.

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    I am getting near to doing that stuff on the first wing. Also, I plan on doing a video on the whole wing, one bit at a time. Might not be done until sometime in the fall but I’d be happy to write up something too if you’re in no hurry.


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      When I installed the flaps and ailerons I used a flat surface. I did not give thought to the hinge cover clearances. I have since had to shim the flaps for full deflection and hinge cover clearance, as I didn't want to trim the painted wing skin. I must shim the ailerons also. Not sure why/if anyone else had to do this or trim the wing skin. My wings were from an early kit


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        I would appreciate these instructions as well as I am nearing that portion of my build. Currently depending on the AviPro and Newton manuals for this process. Thank you.
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