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Australian BH first flights

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  • Australian BH first flights

    A customer in Australia had his first flights in his new four place BH in the last few days. It has a Bob Barrows 540 and two blade Hartzell metal prop. Reports of the flights are good.

    Paul intends to use his BH for glider towing as he is a competition glider pilot. Look at the tail spring & tow hook Paul Tridgell1.jpgPaul Tridgell2.jpg . I asked Paul what the empty weight is. Here is his response:

    675kg. Tow connector does work well with round rod. It was designed and created by an engineer on the Raaf base so I can’t claim any credit. We are planning to tow up to 1000kg in 1 or dual (2gliders at once). Night VFR rated - would just need to upgrade gps for IFR. It has 3 batteries, dcdc isolation of essential bus, 2 earthx (1200 and 680) and smaller lead acid battery so a little extra weight here but lots of redundancy for night flying.

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    Congrats on a job well done, enjoy every moment you fly her


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      Nice job can we get a pic of the tow hook