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Cabin Vents

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    On mine I dimpled them and used 1/8 flush rivets. It's just like when I first installed it 3 years and 300 hours later.
    Rollie VanDorn
    Zanesville, OH
    Patrol Quick Build


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      Another option might be using soft rivets. The hard rivets are AN426AD. The soft ones are AN426A (no D). They squeeze like butter. I think less stress might be placed on the fiberglass.

      They are listed at the bottom of the page....can be purchase in a 1/8th pound at time. Don't get them mixed up with your AD rivets, but if you do, it obvious during installation, and they drill out easy.
      Brooks Cone
      Southeast Michigan
      Patrol #303, Kit build


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        Another option might be using soft rivets.
        Thats a really good idea, I didn’t know there was a difference. In the meantime I’ve bonded them in place - seems a lot of the Vans builders do this and if the bond fails it’s a pretty low risk issue. I’ll order some soft rivets and use them over the top. Thanks.
        Nev Bailey
        Christchurch, NZ


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          On the RV10, they are simply bonded with fuel tank sealant .....


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            Aircraft spruce has several options for window vents like the Vista vent that works real well at high speed as well as the piper vents.

            The small round ones are designed for helicopters that seldom go past 100 mph they crack often, however if you trim them back they last much longer and still shut of.

            one can go as far as trimming them to the 1/2 way point and dramatically increase the airflow as well. They still shut of even in winter.