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Wing strut jig?

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  • Wing strut jig?

    Ive read that a wing strut jig is a must when installing your wings. Can anyone tell me how they made it or does anyone have one to lend or buy?

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    If you contact Mark Goldberg he should be able to to help you out.


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      Well, i talked to mark last week. He was very helpful but also very clear that he doesn't have the time to be as helpful to this that may have bought the kit second hand. I understand that and that's why i would rather rely on the community.


      • Mark Goldberg
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        I had asked you if you had actually bought a second hand kit or a scratch built project completed to the level of a QB kit. I never got an answer that I recall. Mark

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      Eric Newton shows how to drill the struts without using a jug his manual. I may build a jig, haven’t decided yet.
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        Are you asking about the drilling jig for the spar to fuselage attach bolts?

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        Brooks Cone
        Southeast Michigan
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          We took a different approach on our 4 place. We built the wings with the 3/8 offset using undersized holes. A threaded rod was run through the fuselage attach points with all the holes undersized to locate and weld the fuselage attachments. Nuts were used to hold the attach points exactly where they needed to be. The rear attach was built slightly wider between the ears so we could shim the rear to snug vs worrying if it will come together. We did a trial fit and to verify that the attach points were good. The wing attach holes were smaller than the fuselage attach points that also had undersized holes. We set the wing in the fuselage attach points and clamped the attach points so nothing can move. The aluminum holes were smaller than the steel holes so very little visual judgement required.We drilled the attach holes out in steps and as soon as the bit hits the steel on the other side it auto aligns. Drilled it close to size in a couple steps and reamed both points to a tight fit the bolt. The actual angle is 1.35 degrees or 3/8" over a 32" circumference x 360. It really is hair splitting and getting the jig alignment exactly to within a degree may be hard. The attach points are a triangle that are hard bolted so the clamping forces would resist rotation that it is not a hinge arrangement.
          I get that it is supposed to be a hinge but is really not as there is no loose fit of hinged connections. The simplest solution would be if the design attach points were adjusted 0.188" up and down to align with one another. A design change that aligned the attach holes would simplify a lot of lives and aligned holes would likely not affect much of consequence.
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            Originally posted by Bcone1381 View Post
            Are you asking about the drilling jig for the spar to fuselage attach bolts?

            Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 7.15.10 AM.png
            First I’ve read of a wing strut jig, I assume it’s for locating the holes from the strut attach clevises to the exterior of the strut tube. I hadn’t really thought about that detail yet but I could see that being useful. I might look at 3D printing one myself.
            Dave B.
            Edmonds, WA
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