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Streamline horizontal stab

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  • Streamline horizontal stab

    I read somewhere that you need to change the angle of the hor stab once you install the wood profile strips , can someone fill me in on how I do that.

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    I recall folks changing from negative 4 degrees to negative 3 degrees by shortening the standoffs for the stabilizer front mount tube. They’re called out on view A-A of drawing 20B, at least on the bravo plans so it might be different if you have an older set. If you search you might find the previous threads where this is discussed, I forget where I came across it. It would be prudent to verify the angle to start before you make any cuts, but it’s an easy enough fix too.
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    Dave B.
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      It is an easy change to make Luke, and I recommend you do this. There is one complication. The hor stab support struts of streamline tubing can become too short if you raise the leading edge of the hor stabs one degree (3/8"). Mark


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        We installed the flying tail with the parts from Mark Goldberg. We had the struts built so we installed a spacer to do the adjustment to3 degrees. I saw that one builder used a AN clevis on the bottom of his strut. It looked absolutely right and wish we had done that as well.
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          Just did this the other day. This how I did it. I decided to stay with 3/16" bolt which requires bushings.
          Thanks too much,
          John Bickham

          Los Lunas, NM Mid Valley Airpark E98
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            Thank you that’s what I needed to know


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              Question for Mark:

              I ordered my tail wires from Steen last week, as they had a set already made up. The thought that a model A and B BH tail wires might not be the same just popped into my head. Are the lengths the same, or within the range of adjustability?


              • Mark Goldberg
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                The wires do not change from the original BH and the newer Model B. The wires attach to the aft tube/spar of the hor stabs. That does not change. Only the leading edge of the hor stabs change when you go from 4 degrees down deflection to 3 degrees. MG

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              Rog thanks Mark.