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Hardware list for scratch builders

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  • Hardware list for scratch builders

    Hope you're all having a nice weekend....

    I was looking for a hardware list for the Bearhawk....nuts/bolts/pulleys....ect..

    i already own own Eric's manual and Erb's CD....and I have the copies of the old.....bear tracks ......maybe I missed it in there or just plain forgot where I might have seen it...but I don't think I have.....

    if they are not in there..I was considering buying the whole bear tracks library $99... Or buy the new quick build manual ...if it's available in those

    well worth the money for time saved to have a hardware list of what goes where....

    I could just plug along and order as I build but it would be nice to buy hardware together in bunches for the area you're working on shipping...

    thanks guys

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    The Beartracks archive does not include a hardware list, but I would propose that it does include lots of other good stuff. If you'd like to keep a list of what you use as you go, we can certainly publish yours!


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      I used the hardware list found in the kit manual. It’s a good list of what goes where. I’d estimate that 75% of the hardware fit which I felt was pretty good since it was a list for a kit and not a scratch build.
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        Good morning to all, Mark is it not possible for you to make up a complete hardware kit and sell it to the builders. Working on a standard kit. I live in South Africa and its at times difficult to get all of that and it takes time here. You have a lot of builders overseas and I think it would be a great way to asist. Thanks again for all that you do already.


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          Undrilled bolts are cheap, and nuts/washers are even cheaper. I bought about 15 of most AN3 and AN4 lengths and have just been making note of any time a bin runs low or when I need to order drilled bolts for something. This also gives me the flexibility to use the hardware for household duties, which I do all the time. Every order I make from ACS has hardware in it. This approach has worked for me, but your mileage may vary (especially for you folks across the pond).


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            You might consider this...Study Bob's plans page by page with a document each piece of hardware that each individual page demands. Even to the point of knowing bolt, rivet, and cotter pin lengths. Its a big job, but you'll know the aircraft by the time your done. You'll have the confidence that 1/8 pound of AN426AD3-3.5 rivets is all you need, and rounding up to buy fifty AN3-3 bolts will get a discount and which supply house has the best prices when you shop. Building is a big task ahead. Making a list like this is too. If your building, your up to it.

            Go ahead, look at page two and see what you might need....rivets, aluminum, pulleys....follow the aileron cable and you can see you'll need galvanized control cable for ailerons, turnbuckles, fairleads, snap bushings, hardware to fabricate an eye splice (now its time to thing about probably don't have a too to compress a Nicopress sleeve) screws and nut plates for the wing tip.... then Page three will help you determine the number and length of rivets needed for skin to rib attachment.

            This site below has drawings for AN hardware that will help you make hardware choices. Use the menu on the left side and click the "Tech Info" wrench

            I organized a Patrol list by plans page number. Then used that list to consolidate a number of lists like AN fittings Bolts, Cable Hardware, Clevis Pins, Cotter Pins, etc. In the end you'll have an outstanding but still inadequate hardware inventory. My build is peaceful....its not constantly interrupted because I don't have X Y or Z. I'm still doing what Nick described to some degree, but not as much. I cut down on shipping cost, seldom run across something I wont be using.
            Brooks Cone
            Southeast Michigan
            Patrol #303, Kit build