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Bravo wing root fairing

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  • Bravo wing root fairing

    Hi all, I have researched older posts about the wing root fairings but my question is specific to the Bravo model wing. As you know the flap on this wing goes nearly to the fuselage unlike the original wing which has a solid wing section near the fuselage to attach the fairing. I spoke with Mark G awhile back and he gave me some suggestions. My question is for those of you who have dealt with this is did you use one long piece of aluminum or make the fairing in multiple pieces? Also if you extended the flap with some aluminum, how did deal with the area the flap still can’t cover where the pulley is, and the penetration cable is? Any pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for any help or ideas.

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    There are two things there at the inboard side of the flap at the wing root Tim. First is the flap extension which is a wrap of .032 that ALMOST touches the side Plexiglass with the flaps lowered all the way. The other part, which I think you are asking about - is sort of a fairing added to the fuselage at the upper longeron to close the gap that is there when the flaps are up. Mine was made of foam glued to the fabric and shaped to look nice. Then covered with a little fiberglass. Then fabric/paint over it. I can take some pictures if you like. Mark


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      I can't find any pictures but I made mine out of one piece. Probably .025, but possibly .032, I really can't remember. I started with poster board, and once the size/shape was set flattened it out and copied it on metal. On the Patrol the most important part of the fitting process is with the flaps full down, as the trailing edge gets closer to the side windows as the flaps come down.

      As for clearance for the flap pulley, etc. the fairing is only connected to the flap, no extra rib and is open at the leading edge. It only needs to go forward enough to fill the gap while the flaps are up so it is easy to trim it enough to clear everything. I'll try to remember to get a couple pics today when I go clean off the bugs I accumulated over the past couple days.
      Rollie VanDorn
      Zanesville, OH
      Patrol Quick Build