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new carb heat box

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  • new carb heat box

    Today Bob received the latest carb heat box from the kit factory. He is 100% happy with it. However, it is not too smart to just make these without someone actually trying it on an engine AND seeing how the carb heat box fits the cowling. Bob THINKS it will be fine. But we need someone to try it on. Someone who already has their cowling made. Maybe even someone who is flying.

    If you are interested in trying this and can do the trial fit soon - please give me a call to discuss. Mark 512/626-7886

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    Here are some pics of it. I really need someone to trial fit this before we make a bunch of them. We need to make sure it fits within the carb heat box "cover" aluminum part we have been sending with the kits. image000000004 (1).jpgimage000000002.jpgimage000000003.jpg


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      An update on the new carb heat boxes for those of you waiting. We now are confident that it is working well itself and also fitting well inside the sheet aluminum "surround" we have been sending with the 4 place, Companion, and Model 5 kits. Also we have sent that aluminum part on the most recent Patrols.

      We have made the decision to make two versions of the carb heat box. One version for the 6 cylinder engines like the pics shown above. And a slightly different version with a smaller filter for the 4 cylinder engine installations that do not need the big filter. The factory is starting to make them now - the ones for 540's. I will send down to the factory the smaller filter to make sure the ones they make for the 360's has the filter fitting well also. So good progress and hopefully have them available in a few weeks. Thanks for your patience to those of you waiting. Mark


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        I have a “smaller” O-360, but angle valve 200hp, do I still get the smaller one?
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        • Mark Goldberg
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          Yes. All four cylinder engines can use the carb heat box with the smaller filter. But you could use the one with the bigger filter as well. No real need though. The air flow requirements for the 360 installations is more than adequate with the smaller filter.

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        Bottom LIne: Does this Box fit a Bendix FI Fuel Servo?

        I just read the Beartracks article on this Carb Heat Box. It seems like a great solution for both Bendix FI and a Carb. It will fit my Vetterman Cross Over Exhaust too. I have Bendix FI. So I wonder if the mount for the box to the Bendix Fuel Servo has the same footprint as a MS Carb? Does anyone know?
        Brooks Cone
        Southeast Michigan
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          Brooks, I can't answer your question. But things did change somewhat since my update on 3/24. I was told by a tech rep at K & N that they did have a smaller filter the same width of the larger one we made the box for. When Bob received it he saw that it was not the same width and was not compatible with the carb heat box we made. So there will just be one size fits all.

          There are a couple of carb heat that didn't work but would serve the purpose of checking for clearance etc as the dimensions are good. We could send these around so a builder could check fit. Mark