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My Model 5 Kit Is On the Way

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  • My Model 5 Kit Is On the Way

    I expect my BH 5 kit in late June. Although it will be ready late this month I won’t be. It was initially scheduled for late July. Since nothing comes early I figured I had plenty of time.

    Any advice on things I should order now? Parts, tools?


    Model 5


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    Hard to say without knowing what you have but here are 3 things I found to be pretty much indispensable:
    - Scotch-Brite wheel for a grinder
    - hand rivet squeezer (I like the Cleaveland tools version)
    - common size reamers


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      Good to see another Bearhawk builder in the ATL metro area!! I’m down in Senoia, building a patrol. Buy yourself some tapered reamers in sizes that will clean up the insides of the tubes at welded joints, they will be very helpful for cleaning up the insides of tubes so that bolts/axles slide through. Also, if you don’t already have them, definitely a good bench vise, scotch brite wheel for a bench grinder, a bench top belt sander, drill press and vertical bandsaw will be very handy. Also a quality drill index and step drills.

      edit: with the level of completion of the newest kits, the bandsaw might not be as useful as mine has been. They are great for a lot of things though, I can’t imagine not using one very much
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        If you have access to the tips page

        All the above is great I like the scotchbrite wheels on a die grinder.
        Travis M
        Bearhawk 5 Quickbuilt Kit Plane #5041
        Received December 2022