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      Let me ask you something John while it's on my mind.
      The plans indicate joggles in the center ribs for sure and likely in the rear ribs as well. (there is no call-out in either case)
      This joggles are where the ribs insert into the spars and account for the thickness of the flanges.
      Did you (1) create indents in the form blocks (2) create separate form blocks for the joggles,
      or (3) not bother with the joggles at all, intending to let the skins simply flow over the .032 gap created?
      This has been discussed elsewhere on the forum, just curious which way you're going. Thanks!


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        I did not bother with joggles on the ribs. I'm planning to let the skin flow over the joint. If I have to, I'll shim if necessary. Based in my initial fit up, I don't think it's going to be an issue.


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          Assuming this is you? I’m starting on my bending brake today, perfect timing.
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            That's me. Good luck with the brake, it was a fun little side project.