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Johns LSA Build

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  • Johns LSA Build

    Big milestone today. Wing ribs complete!

    Thank you to all on this forum for taking time to document build tips and methods.


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    Well done! Always a great feeling!
    ​Christopher Owens, EAA #808438
    Project "Expedition"
    Bearhawk 4-Place Scratch Built, Plans #991
    Bearhawk Patrol Scratch Built, Plans #P313
    Germantown, Wisconsin, USA


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      I started working on spar webs and thought I'd share my experience so far. I began with the aileron spar (smallest, so least material wasted if I messed up). I don't have easy access to an 8 ft brake, so I built a brake from steel angles and piano hinge (the designs have been posted in other threads on the forums).

      I used a router with a straight edge to cut my blank. The router bit is a 1/4 dia. So it wastes some material, but gave nice predictable cut. I kept the protective plastic on the metal to protect it from scratches during to fabrication process.

      Using a few trial pieces about 2 in long, I dialed in the right set up to match my ribs and was then ready for the full size spar.

      The brake worked well. The bends came out straight with a consistent bend radius. The spar channels match my ribs very well, and I'm pleased with the results. Next up will be rear and main spar webs.

      ​​​​​​Hope this is helpful to others pondering what to do about a bending brake.

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        Very nice ! John . Stinger

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      Happy 4th of July!

      I've been making steady progress, and finished up my aileron spar assemblies. I'm now working on how to jig the spar and ribs to maintain alignment as I locate and drill. More to come....




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        Keep up the good work John!!!